Monday, 23 February 2015

Green Eyed Girls: Best Colour Combos! ♥

Did you inherit the rarity that is green eyes? They're the most uncommon eye-colour in the world and absolutely gorgeous too. I love red hair and green eyes together. I receive a lot of emails from girls wondering what colours to use for green eyes. Unlike the blue-eyed beauties out there that have the right idea, my green eyed clients & fans (weird to say) seem to be at a loss and don't know what to go for next. It's not too difficult, really! Read on :)

The Theory
You're always supposed to refer to the colour wheel when choosing the perfect colour combination. Choosing a completely contrasting colour to the subject will make it pop! Have a look at the colour wheel to the right. See your eye colour? Now head to the opposite point of the wheel and choose that colour! As you can see, reds/pinks are shades that work for green.

So, what colours work for green eyes?

Don't be afraid to ease out of your brown and start playing with purple. Purples, pinks, coppers, cranberries & oranges are guaranteed to make your blue eyed pop. The contrasting red tones will illuminate that vibrant green colour! Try rose-gold or sparkly peach on the lid too. Gorgeous! To be on the safe side, read about what to avoid below!

What colours to avoid for green eyes?
Each to their own of course but technically you should avoid colours that are similar to your own. Greens will just over-power your eye colour (unless they're mega bright) and that's not what you want. Blues will also have the same effect. Basically, go for the right side of the colour wheel as your eye colour is based on the left! Try to avoid your gray, taupe, blue, navy and teal & lime shades. You need something to compliment your green eyes as opposed to over-powering them. Of course if you find that something else works for you, work away!

Martha's Top Picks for Green Eyes
MAC Cosmetics eyeshadows 'Cranberry, Coppering, Red Brick, Sketch, Deep Damson, Mythology, Phloof' €10
Urban Decay - Naked 3 Palette  'Dust, Burnout, Buzz' €18
Inglot eyeshadows '453, 335' €6
Sleek Sunset Palette €10Makeup Revolution 'Insomnia, Naive, Purple Haven, Candy Frosted, U Know U Want To, Rave All Night ' £1

So for green eyes, the contrasting colours are red & pink. In saying that, you shouldn't restrict yourself to them. Makeup is all about experimenting, being creative and feeling good about yourself. You can't do that using the same colour every single day, but it definitely flatters to use them. And trust me, they will pop! Of course there are girls with naturally bright eyes that no matter what they do, any colour will work - (luckyyy). Always experiment with your own makeup and even try out the 'no-go' shades to see what works for you. Makeup isn't black and white. If it was it sure would be a lot easier though! Do what works for you and makes you feel good.

I hope this post was helpful for you green eyed girls out there. Let me know what you think and even better, let me know how you get on with the experiment!
Thanks for reading!
Martha xx

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