Wednesday, 7 January 2015

AYU Makeup - Bargain Buys REVIEW! ♥

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'm gonna chat a bit about AYU Makeup and the products it has to offer. I was sent some absolutely lovely things by owner Suzanne and I've been loving them ever since. Before I delve into each product, I gotta let you know about AYU itself. The line was set up by a Makeup Artist herself, working in the industry for over ten years, so you know it's going to be good. They are cruelty free (yay, my favourite!), top quality and not going to break the bank. Suzanne has told me herself that no matter how many times they've been told to 'up' the prices, they're determined to keep their prices affordable for everybody, beginners and industry professionals alike. They are big into education and knowing how to use their products correctly, so with every purchase you'll also receive a little 'How To' leaflet to maximize your experience!

Contour palette, Foundation Brush & 4 Eye Brushes
     Foundation Brush

These Kabuki style foundation brushes are really big on the market right now. 
If you've read any of my past reviews or follow me on Facebook you'll already know that these are my favourite kind. The soft bristles at the top of the brush mean the foundation really does glide on without any harsh streaks and feels so soft on the face. This brush is identical to some of the top-quality brushes out there at only a fraction of the price. Bargain central!
Retails at €10.50

Eye Shadow Brush
As many pro-blenders and fluffy contraptions there are on the market now, everybody still needs a basic applicator brush. I use these flat brushes to apply a base colour all over the lid. It's also a great one for dabbing on pigments and glitters to the lid. At such a small price, it should be a staple in everybody's makeup collection. Photo on right. 
Retails at €4.50

                                                  Pro Blender Brush 
This does exactly what it says on the tin. In order to have a complete makeup brush collection, you need a few blenders. This one is perfect. It has thick bristles which means you're still left with a great element of control. It is mostly a flat brush but not thin, so perfect for blending. These are my favourite type of blending brushes and I have wayyy too many, I think we're heading into double digits at this stage. Bottom photo shows it turned to the side to see the width. Retails at €4.50

                                  Eye Shadow Blender Brush
Another breed of blender, the super fluffy for maximum blending. This is perfect for blending a subtle colour into the socket of your eyes on your 'no makeup' days, am I right? It's also a great one for going over the edges of a smokey eye. Apply no product to the brush and just blend along the outside of your already applied eyeshadow. This will eliminate any noticeable lines and make for a super blended look.
Retails at €4.50

                   Crease Brush 
Every makeup fanatic is aware of crease brushes. They're tiny little firm brushes made for applying product into the socket/crease of your eyelid. It's super small, skinny and firm so you have so much control over what you're doing and how much product you're applying. These brushes will provide a straight line in your crease which can also be blended out with the 'Pro Blender' brush. These are also great little tools for smudging out eyeliner on both the top and bottom lid. I have about 15 of these little guys. I know, I have an obsession!
Retails at €4.00

Contour Palette
If you're a makeup enthusiast, then I'm sure you're already well aware of the art of contouring and all that it brings. There are hundreds if not thousands or 'How To' contour videos online, all over Youtube. Ever since Kim Kardashian shared her contouring secrets by her Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanoc the world has just gone crazy! There are two types of contouring - cream & powder. I offer powder contour to my clients but it's always fun to experiment with cream contouring too!

On the left, I've attached a photo of not only the contour palette but a little guide to go along with it. 

Starting from the left column, there are 2 corrective colours to disguise different coloured bags beneath the eyes. Above them is a highlighter for the cheekbones etc.

Contouring on model using the AYU Contour Palette
In the next column, we have our highlight colours. This slowly transitions to our bronze colours and eventually our shading for contour. If you haven't learned how to contour yet, you need to! It will change your life. To learn how to contour, click here for a guide that I created a while ago!

I tested out the palette for myself using the colours and the guide I showed you & this was the result. There's a lot of mixed reviews about the preference between cream and powder contouring, but it's up to you to experiment and decide yourself! 
Retails at €15.00

There you have it, my review of the excellent value AYU Makeup. Throughout the review when I was referring to the prices, I was actually in awe over their affordable price. This would be perfect for somebody starting out their makeup collection and doesn't have the means to spend hundreds on a few great brushes. I hope you enjoyed my review & that it was helpful for you! Don't forget to 'like' AYU on Facebook here, With over 16,000 likes they've already made their mark in the Irish industry!
See you soon! Love Martha xx


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